The Stillness In Chaos

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This blog is more or less me and my life...Also what I like and subsequently reblog :P
I am 21 and I am looking for questions and their answers ....

I never thought I could write till someone handed me a pen and told me to imagine... That day my mind was free... I didnt think I could travel alone until I got on a flight with no specific plan...

I've learnt the only way to kill the questions is to face them... You will find answers if you go look...

I want to be a poet I want to make films i want to have fears so they can drive me ahead
So that I can run from them and reach new places
I want to travel to the hidden corners the unexplored and the places that will inspire me!

I want to find me :) through finding you! :)

You can follow me on twitter at @KithRags